LinkedIn Persona Management

The biggest challenge faced by budding entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers? - Generate good quality leads that convert into faithful customers.


With the advent of Digital Marketing techniques, the old techniques of marketing and sales such as promotional SMS, cold calling cannot be solely relied upon.

One of the ways to build your brand and generate leads is to use LinkedIn and we are not talking about the paid ads that you can run on LinkedIn. 

Video: LinkedIn Persona Management Service.

LeadMarked provides LinkedIn Lead Generation through Online Digital Persona Management.

What we do?

We create and run your digital persona. 

We identify target individuals, we develop online relationships helping you generate a consistent flow of New Clients and forge Strategic Relationships.

Why LinkedIn

LinkedIn started off as a professional networking site, has slowly evolved into an extremely powerful tool for Brand Building and Lead Generation.

With over 612 million users in 200 countries, you should have LinkedIn as part of your growth strategy. Not just in expanding globally, LinkedIn also helps you to build a local presence. With the right strategy, you can grab their attention and grow your business.

Why us?

Because we ensure results!

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Countless hours, over 200,000 messages, multiple clients in different industries and in-depth analysis of each message sent, each relationship built makes us the best in the business.


We have helped our clients grow their business through our proven process.  


It’s about results, and that’s what we offer.